Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles


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Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles
Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles
Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles

Take six nesting and sorting blocks, add six numbered vehicles to roll inside, and what do you have? A community full of stacking, counting, hide-and-seek, mix-and-match, imaginative play! This action-packed play set lets kids build towers or a town scene filled with buildings like a hospital, fire station, or school, with a wooden vehicle for every building. On their front panels, the blocks feature doors so the vehicles have a place to park. Kids can also pair numbers on the buildings and vehicles or match by color to put together the correct pairs, reinforcing early-learning concepts as they play.


  • Match-and-stack set of 6 nesting buildings and 6 wooden vehicles
  • Pair the pieces by color and number for exciting first-concepts practice
  • Vehicles include fire engine, school bus, recycling truck, police car, ambulance, and Tow truck
  • Buildings nest for neat and easy storage
  • 6.25"H x 15.5"L x 5.75"W Packaged

Ways to Play: 

  • COMMUNITY HELPERS: Help kids identify the town buildings (firehouse, school, recycling center, police station, hospital, service station) and the community vehicles that go with them. Talk about how each is part of and serves its community--for instance, the ambulance quickly gets sick or injured people to the hospital, where doctors help them get better. Have kids make the noises the vehicles make and help them tell a story as each leaves then returns to its building.
  • COUNT UP, COUNT DOWN: Have kids line up the buildings from biggest to smallest. Point to the number on each, counting aloud from one to six and then from six to one, until kids can count them independently. Have them count aloud as they stack the buildings from largest to smallest, and count backwards as they take the tower down and nest the buildings on top of each other.
  • AROUND TOWN: Use the buildings to create a neighborhood scene! Have kids create groupings where some buildings are close to each other and some are spread farther apart for longer trips. The nesting blocks set plays perfectly with other toys, too--use toy cars, trains, animals, and play figures to create make-believe worlds.
  • ROLL IN: Have kids line up all the buildings with the doors facing the same direction. Mark a "starting line" about three feet away and challenge kids to push a vehicle so it rolls into its matching building! Increase difficulty by moving the starting line farther away. Make it a contest by dividing the vehicles and seeing who can roll all of theirs into the matching buildings first!
  • BLOCK STACKING: Create a block stacking challenge! Use a watch or clock with a second hand to time kids as they stack all the blocks (largest to smallest), then un-stack them, then nest them (smallest to largest).


    Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles
    Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles
    Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles

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